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One cloth has many uses! The magical transformation of printed Oxford cloth

In the clothing fabric market, there is a kind of fabric called “soft fabric” because of its wear resistance, durability and elasticity. Gold”, this is printed oxford c…

In the clothing fabric market, there is a kind of fabric called “soft fabric” because of its wear resistance, durability and elasticity. Gold”, this is printed oxford cloth. Printed Oxford cloth uses a special coating process. The surface has a layer of film with the characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, and anti-fouling. In addition, the fabric itself has certain Features such as elasticity and high density make Printed Oxford Fabric widely popular in the clothing fabric market. In addition to being widely used in the field of clothing, printed Oxford cloth also plays an important role in other aspects. Let us take a look at how it is “one cloth with multiple uses”.

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printed oxford clothIt has strong water-repellent and water-resistance, the waterproof performance can reach more than 200 mm, and can form a waterproof and breathable membrane. Its water-repellent performance and breathability are not inferior to those of cotton fabrics. , and even perform better in some aspects. Therefore, it is feasible to use printed Oxford cloth instead of cotton fabric as the fabric of rainproof clothing. In addition, printed Oxford cloth can also be used as ski clothing, life jackets, etc.

In order to improve the waterproof effect, printed oxford cloth often uses multi-layer composite structure type. Currently, the most widely used types are single-sided printed Oxford cloth and double-sided printed Oxford cloth. Among them, double-sided printed Oxford fabric has stronger water-repellent effect and breathability due to its three-dimensional texture.

Due to the multi-layer structure of the surface coating of double-sided printed Oxford cloth , so innovative designs can be made based on fabric characteristics and market demand. For example, in order to increase the thermal insulation effect of the fabric, it can be made into a fabric with greater elasticity; in order to increase the anti-wrinkle performance of the fabric, the surface of the fabric can be covered with a layer of waterproof and breathable film; in order to meet special protection requirements, the surface of the fabric can be added with anti-wrinkle Mist layer or special coating, etc.

The raw materials of some fabrics with special functions are often natural fibers and chemical fibers, but these natural fibers After a series of processing, the properties of chemical fibers and chemical fibers often cannot meet people’s needs. This requires secondary processing of fabrics to meet people’s needs through functional transformation of fabrics. For example, cold weather clothing made of Oxford cloth is a good choice. This kind of fabric not only has the properties of rainproof, coldproof, and windproof, but its elasticity and other characteristics can also be used to make a cold-proof clothing, which can meet people’s needs for warmth and comfort.

Printed Oxford cloth is mainly used to make cold-proof clothing and other clothing, because This kind of fabric has good waterproof and windproof properties. When worn in winter, its warmth retention is no worse than that of down jackets. In addition, it can also be used to make clothing with various special functions, such as cold-proof clothing, sportswear, swimwear, etc.

In the manufacturing process of artificial turf, viscose fiber is the main material of artificial turf, but this The material has high moisture absorption and heat resistance, which has a great impact on athletes’ sports injuries. Therefore, in recent years, many companies have begun to use textile artificial turf as an alternative material to artificial turf.

From the production process, there are three main types of artificial turf: organic artificial turf, composite artificial turf lawn. Among them, inorganic artificial turf is manufactured by using high-strength, aging-resistant fibers to create sports venues. This material is manufactured by using a synthetic fiber and other additives. Among these three types of artificial turf, artificial grass with viscose fiber as the main material is the most popular one on the market. However, due to the high price of viscose fiber materials and shortcomings such as deformation at high temperatures, in order to solve this problem, some companies use textile artificial turf to replace viscose fiber materials as sports venues.

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Oxford cloth and environmentally friendly recycled series specification classification: 1680D Oxford cloth, 1200D Oxford cloth, 900D Oxford cloth, 600D Oxford cloth , 420D Oxford cloth, 300D Oxford cloth, 210D Oxford cloth, 150D Oxford cloth, etc.; classified by function: flame retardant Oxford cloth, waterproof flame retardant cloth, silver-coated flame retardant cloth, pu waterproof Oxford cloth, PVC Oxford cloth, TPE, TPU, anti- UV, camouflage Oxford cloth, fluorescent Oxford cloth, compound cloth, etc., please consult customer service for details


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