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What’s better about the Thousand Yuan T-shirt than the ordinary T-shirt (tell you what’s better about it)

Let me first use an example to tell you what is so good about it? My husband’s third brother, compared to several brothers in the family, has always lived a good life. He bought my…

Let me first use an example to tell you what is so good about it?

My husband’s third brother, compared to several brothers in the family, has always lived a good life. He bought my husband a caring T-shirt more than ten years ago,

It has been more than ten years now. Due to its comfort, beautiful shape and visual class, it is now used every summer during the hottest time. I would take it out and wear it for a few days, because this is the time when it can best reflect its uniqueness

One year when I went back to my hometown to repair a house for my mother-in-law, it was midsummer. Since the conditions in my hometown were not very good, he was busy wearing it. Outside, I was sweating profusely and smelly every day. I kept wearing it until I came back after repairing the house. When I changed clothes and washed them, there was no smell at all.

He said the biggest feature of this dress is that it can be worn in summer. It feels cool and slippery on my body and is very comfortable, with no feeling of friction

Since they were old clothes the year before last, I didn’t pay as much attention to them as before. I often threw them in the washing machine, and they were mixed in the washing machine. The pattern made with small diamonds on the chest actually didn’t fall off at all

And the biggest feature is that there is basically no scratching on the skin when washing the label, which is different from ordinary T-shirts. There is a very obvious difference, so this is the difference between branded shirts and ordinary shirts. From this personal experience

We can draw three conclusions

One material is different

Brand-brand clothes generally use cotton materials. If 100% pure cotton is used, it will easily wrinkle and deform, and its elasticity and support are relatively poor

For Clothes are more comfortable to wear without deformation, so they often add other materials that have been strictly selected and carefully matched to the cotton material, such as modal and polyester fabrics that have excellent water-absorbing and sweat-wicking properties, and the upper body has a silky feel. The nylon and spandex are elastic fabrics,

and the proportions added are carefully studied to prevent shrinkage, so that you can wear them comfortably without deformation, wrinkles or lint. These are not what 100-yuan T-shirts have.

The T-shirts that we often wear under 100 RMB are mostly made of cheap materials. As ordinary people, I am afraid that everyone has worn them and will have personal experience with them. Feeling, that is, fading, pilling, fluffing, wrinkling, and severe shrinkage will occur. Basically, it is considered good if it can be worn for a whole summer. Some people may only wear it once and do not want to wear it a second time, so this is There is an obvious difference

The difference between the two production processes

Branded T-shirts pay special attention to some details in the production process. As the saying goes, details determine victory or failure

For example, the first thing used There is a difference in the quality of the thread, and every stitch on the shoulder line can better ensure that it will not deform or wrinkle, and the shoulder line is in the right position. This is why we sometimes accidentally wear it backwards and can’t even tell it. The reason is that there are no extra threads

In order to prevent the clothes from deforming, the neckline is reinforced with threads, and there are requirements for the design of the neckline. The neckline should not be too big or too small, and the neck should be covered by the design. You can modify the shape of your neck, and cover up the flaws of your body through the careful design of clothing designers. It is difficult to do this with poorly tailored clothes

Three Printing and dyeing

Printing and dyeing are relatively the most important step. We can ignore other details, but fading is difficult for us to tolerate.

There are three normal printing and dyeing methods, transfer printing Digital printing and screen printing, the first two are used for products under 100 yuan. Although its color saturation is high and bright, its durability is too poor, and the printing will become mottled after just a few washes.

Qianyuan uses the latter type, both in terms of color and durability, which are relatively high

So it makes sense to say you get what you pay for. A T-shirt from a brand that costs thousands can be worn for decades, and it will still look good after more than ten years. It’s cliche. If you calculate it this way, it’s quite worthwhile to buy such a compassionate shirt if your financial conditions allow it

In addition, rich people like to wear famous brands not only as a symbol of status, but the quality is indeed suitable for high-end occasions. ,

As for the market premium and brand effect generated by the brand, which is one to twenty times higher than the production cost, it can also be accepted by groups with the ability to consume. This is why rich people like luxury goods. The reason is.

Have you ever worn a T-shirt worth more than a thousand yuan?

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