Reasons why Oxford cloth fades

Oxford cloth is a common fabric that has the advantages of durability and comfort, but many people have encountered the problem of fading of Oxford cloth clothes. So, why does Oxfo…

Oxford cloth is a common fabric that has the advantages of durability and comfort, but many people have encountered the problem of fading of Oxford cloth clothes. So, why does Oxford cloth fade? Let’s explore it below.


Fading caused by light

Light is one of the main causes of fading of Oxford cloth. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong ultraviolet radiation can damage or oxidize the dye molecules in the fabric, causing the color to become lighter or even disappear.

In daily life, you should also pay attention to avoid placing Oxford cloth clothing in places exposed to strong light, such as next to windows, open balconies, etc.

Improper cleaning methods

Improper cleaning methods are also one of the reasons for the fading of Oxford cloth. For example, the use of bleach, too frequent machine washing, etc. will have an impact on the dyes in the fabric.

It is recommended to use mild detergent for hand or gentle machine cleaning, and avoid mixing with other dark-colored clothing to prevent cross-penetration of dyes.

Color loss due to friction

Time wear or repeated friction may also cause Oxford cloth to fade. Especially in friction parts (such as cuffs, elbows, etc.), long-term friction will cause hairiness, pilling, wear and even breakage on the surface of the fabric, resulting in the loss of dye molecules.

In order to reduce the occurrence of this situation, you should pay attention to keeping it clean and hygienic when wearing it, and avoid contact with rough surfaces. At the same time, you can choose to add antibacterial and antifouling treatments to increase the durability and resistance of the fabric.

Causes of fabric fading

There are many reasons for fabric fading, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Sun exposure: Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the color to fade.

2. Friction: Friction will cause the fibers on the surface of the fabric to wear away, causing the color to fade.

3. Cleaning: Improper cleaning methods can also cause the color to fade.

4. Stains: Some stains (such as blood stains) may have a chemical reaction on the fabric during treatment, causing the color to fade.

Avoid fading of Oxford cloth

In order to avoid fading of Oxford cloth, you need to pay attention to the following points in daily use and maintenance:

1. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight;

2. Minimize contact with other rough surfaces;

3. Choose the correct cleaning method (It is best to wash by hand);

4. Avoid using bleach or strong alkaline detergents;

5. Pay attention to storing color printed clothes and white clothes separately.

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