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Which sweatshirt material has the best texture (three steps to choose a sweatshirt)

As the weather gets cooler in autumn, sweatshirts can be regarded as a go-to item. The inherent loose fit and casual style can not only give the wearer a comfortable experience, bu…

As the weather gets cooler in autumn, sweatshirts can be regarded as a go-to item. The inherent loose fit and casual style can not only give the wearer a comfortable experience, but also make the most of it. What a beautiful personality. Of course, the styles of sweatshirts are also very diverse. They can be sweet or cool, it all depends on how you choose.

Girls’ love for sweatshirts is endless. The loose version is not only very tolerant to the figure, but the casual style is more suitable for dressing and matching. It’s something you can pick up at your fingertips. And with the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetics, designers have added various classic and new elements to it, so that it can release different styles of beauty. If you want to choose the one that suits you, you have to consider the layout, elements and Consider the fabrics separately.

Select according to the characteristics of the version

People are used to thinking that the characteristics of sweatshirts are loose and comfortable to wear. In fact, sweatshirts also have several categories in terms of style characteristics. of. The most common ones are the oversized version, the short version and the long version. Different versions express different styles and beauty, and can also have different modification effects on the figure.

1.1oversized version

The oversized version design has been relatively popular in recent years. This type of clothing style is also called BF (boyfriend) ) style, because of its loose silhouette, when a girl puts it on, it feels more like she is secretly putting on her boyfriend’s clothes. It not only makes the girl look more clingy, but also shows a casual and uninhibited coolness. More importantly, Yes, it can also hide the small shortcomings in the figure.

In sweatshirts, the oversized version is very common because its loose silhouette is very tolerant to the body shape, whether it is a small person or a fat girl. , they can all take care of the shortcomings in their figures in a sensible way.

1.2 short version

Of course, it is worth noting that for girls with well-proportioned and tall figures, it is not recommended that the style be too loose. sweatshirt, on the contrary, the short version of the sweatshirt is particularly suitable. Especially the short to navel-baring styles can vaguely highlight your graceful waist and make you more youthful and energetic. Even if you pair it with a pair of jeans, you will still look charming.

For girls with good figures, especially those with graceful waists, short sweatshirts can have a good assist effect. In addition to highlighting the waistline, they are also good at matching. It is also very tolerant and can be easily worn in trousers or skirts. Pair it with trousers for a casual and youthful look, and pair it with a skirt for a girly look.

1.3 long version

Long-style sweatshirts can be said to be good news for lazy people, so one set can easily create the entire look. , matching bottoms doesn’t require any extra thought at all. However, this kind of skirt-style long sweatshirt is very picky about body shape. If you are not tall and stylish, it is not recommended to try it, because fat girls will look more bloated, and smaller girls will look a bit draggy. feel.

Selection tips: If you want to choose a sweatshirt style that suits you, you still have to decide based on your body shape. The oversized sweatshirt is very tolerant for different body types. Whether it is a petite girl or a slightly fat girl, they can boldly try to show off their handsome style on the street. For girls with well-proportioned and tall figures, the short version can highlight the waistline and show off the graceful figure. Long sweatshirts are actually not suitable for little girls and can easily give people the feeling of drag.

Select based on design elements

As people’s aesthetics continue to improve, designers are even more creative in combining classic elements with popular elements. Easy, making the styles of sweatshirts more diversified. The common elements include letter printing elements, embroidery elements and splicing elements.

2.1 Printing elements

Print elements are the most common in sweatshirts, and they perfectly complement the casual and handsome style released by the loose fit of sweatshirts. The expression of printing in sweatshirts is also different, such as pattern printing and letter printing. In addition to breaking the overall monotony and dullness, their purpose is to add eye-catching highlights to the style.

In addition to the letter prints and pattern prints that appear on the front of the body, there are also prints embellished on the sleeves, especially in contrasting colors with the background color, which can have an eye-catching effect. Like The letter print embellished on the sleeves in the picture can just replace the vertical stripes, adding a full casual and dynamic atmosphere to the look.

2.2 Embroidery elements

The expression of embroidery elements in sweatshirts has only become popular in recent years. The combination of exquisite embroidery craftsmanship and vivid flower patterns can weaken the casual street atmosphere of sweatshirts and add a touch of gentle girly charm. If paired with a relatively pink color, it will look even sweeter and more elegant.

Of course, the expression of embroidery elements in sweatshirts is not only the expression of flower and bird patterns, but also the expression of printing They are equally diversified. If you want to show off your personality, embroidery letters on the front are eye-catching and eye-catching. If you want to show off a playful and girly look, the only principle is to use fun cartoon embroidery flats.

2.3 Splicing Element

The splicing element can fully demonstrate the modern trend. In addition to the splicing of different fabrics, the expression in sweaters is more of the contrasting splicing of different colors, such as Picture. The splicing of different color blocks can break the dull monotony of the sweater, add eye-catching highlights to the style, and complement the casual personality style of the sweater.

Selection tips: Design elements can directly It determines the direction of your style, so if you want to choose a sweatshirt that suits you, you must first understand what kind of style you want to express. Printing and splicing elements are undoubtedly the best choice to highlight street personality, and embroidery elements have to be subdivided. Embroidery of letters or cartoon patterns is very age-reducing, while delicate flower embroidery can highlight gentle femininity.

Select according to the production fabric

As we all know, fabric is one of the elements that most determines the quality of clothing, especially in sweatshirts, because they are worn close to the body. The choice of fabrics is even more stringent. Different fabrics not only give the wearer different experiences, but also express different aesthetics.

3.1 Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric has been relatively popular in recent years. Using it to make sweatshirts is perfect for wearing in this season. Its surface has a layer of fine and rich short velvet, which feels comfortable and smooth. It will not feel cold when worn in this cool season, and can have a good thermal insulation effect. Moreover, the surface also has a charming luster. If paired with a darker color, it can highlight the retro atmosphere.

3.2 Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric, as the name suggests, is a fabric made by blending cotton with other natural fibers or chemical fibers. It not only has the moisture absorption properties of cotton It has breathability and the stiffness and glossiness of other fibers. It can be said to have both beauty and comfort. Sweatshirts made of cotton fabrics are a bit stiffer than velvet fabrics, but the disadvantage of sweatshirts is that they are prone to pilling.

3.3 Woolen fabric

Wool fabric is a fabric made by blending wool with other fibers. It not only has the warmth of wool, but also ensures Other fibers come with their own width and gloss. Moreover, sweatshirts made of woolen fabrics are very rare. Once they appear, they can show off their fashionable personality. Wearing it in this season can not only bring you warmth, but also show your modern style.

Selection tips: If we want to choose a suitable fabric, we must start from its comfort and beauty. Cotton fabrics have good moisture absorption and breathability, and are relatively light in texture, giving the wearer a comfortable experience, while woolen fabrics are thick and warm, and can provide a warm experience when worn in cool weather. Velvet fabrics are more beautiful in comparison, and their charming gloss can make the look modern and trendy.

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