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Which one is better, nylon or spandex, which one is more slippery (I can’t tell how to tear lace)

Lace Sometimes, it is a little decoration on the skirt, bringing a more elegant skirt shape Sometimes, it is on the cuffs Extended, with a more elegant silhouette Sometimes, it app…


Sometimes, it is a little decoration on the skirt, bringing a more elegant skirt shape

Sometimes, it is on the cuffs Extended, with a more elegant silhouette

Sometimes, it appears on the side of the neckline, emphasizing the charming shoulder and neck lines…

As an embellishment of women’s clothing, lace has always interpreted overlapping styles of elegance, sophistication, sexiness, and purity in the fashion industry.

The original fabric of lace consists of two parts: pattern and interlining, and is generally made of silk or cotton. It is blended with chemical fiber. The higher the silk content, the more precious the lace fabric is, because its luster is the most comfortable and natural. It is also the most fragile fabric. It must be waterproof, anti-static, anti-aging, and anti-alkaline corrosion… …Sometimes, like love, it needs careful care.

But there are many types of lace.

Many people don’t know much about some of its features.

The editor is here to share some popular science with you today.

1. Elastic lace fabric (nylon, polyester, nylon, cotton, etc.)

Elastic lace is mainly composed of nylon, so the burning properties of nylon can also be used to identify lace.

Because nylon is not a natural fiber but is chemically synthesized, if you put the flame close to the lace, it will shrink and melt very quickly. , it will burn immediately when it shrinks to a certain extent, and the speed is also very fast.

2. Non-elastic lace fabric (all nylon, all polyester, nylon cotton, polyester cotton, all cotton, etc.)

There are many types of composition ratios of non-elastic lace fabrics. They can generally be divided into all polyester, all nylon, nylon cotton, polyester cotton, all cotton, etc. Among them, all polyester, all nylon, all Cotton is generally dyed in a single color, while nylon cotton and polyester cotton can be dyed in two colors.

Lace is generally a mixture of a variety of textile yarns, ranging from 3 to more than 10 types. The unique weaving method can form endless Floral pattern.


Generally, polyester lace feels hard. It’s easy to tell the difference once you get started.

Nylon or nylon + spandex

Judging from the feel, nylon is better than Polyester is much softer and has a better texture. In addition, spandex has greater elasticity and a smoother feel.

Cotton (nylon/polyester/cotton)

Identify fabrics Likewise, whether cotton or chemical fiber, the burning method is the fastest and most accurate.

Note: Of course, the price of most lace ingredients is:

(Low) Polyester< Spandex< Nylon< Cotton yarn (High)

Car-bone lace

The thick pattern piping brings a mellow texture, and it feels as soft as fresh cotton with a little elasticity. It can show a mature and sweet feminine style, and the gorgeousness it brings is low-key and substantial.

Embroidered lace

The lace patterns are all embroidered patterns. With the texture and color of embroidery thread, lace can also have a Chinese style charm like ink painting.

Embossed lace

The lace fabric itself has multi-layered three-dimensional patterns. Graphics rather than post-production. Such three-dimensional fabrics are very sophisticated in craftsmanship and cost more than a thousand yuan per square foot.

French eyelash lace

Eyelash lace not only has delicate eyelash edges; There is a mesh pattern as thin as cicada wings.

It cannot be cleaned. The “Cicada Wing” is too fragile and any cleaning will cause devastating damage to it. The texture of orthodox “eyelashes”, if you look carefully, you will find that it is in strands, a bit like the cylindrical structure of cotton thread, rather than the tapering shape of chemical fibers.

Elastic lace

It is blended with elastic fiber, which is most suitable for reflecting the graceful figure of women.

Water-soluble lace

Water-soluble lace is made of polyester thread or viscose filament The lace pattern is woven on a piece of lining paper. After completion, higher temperature water is used to dissolve the lining paper, leaving only the lace body, hence the name water-soluble lace. Water-soluble lace has more needles and is more expensive.

Crochet lace

Use a crochet hook to crochet the lace with a perforated pattern. The more famous ones are Irish handmade crocheted lace.

Embroidered lace

By drawing, The knotted lace is made by pulling out part of the warp or weft of the base fabric and then weaving the remaining yarn to create a perforated pattern.

We can judge the quality of lace by the uniformity of color.

Then there is the firmness of the fiber. Whether it is strong or not directly affects the fineness of the lace workmanship and is the key to keeping it from breaking. You can judge the quality of the lace by carefully looking for the tightness of the thread ends.

Grade classification:

High-end: The Rolls-Royce of lace is Levi’s Lace.

Genuine French Noyang lace, the oldest and most sophisticated lace in the world; high-end handmade lace requires manual operation of equipment and ancient weaving methods. In addition to pure manual processing, the process is extremely complex. The production cycle is long and the output is low, and they are mostly supplied to international first-line brands and luxury brands; the ones worn by celebrities on the red carpet are basically Levis.

Mid-range computer lace (commonly used by first- and second-tier brands):

Easy to snag ; The three-dimensionality, layering and permeability are obviously not as good as Levi’s lace. The process is relatively simple and the threads used are relatively economical; the structural firmness is average and the color fastness is medium; better computer lace fabrics will start to pill and deform after less than 3 months of wearing, while worse laces will easily become loose and loose. The spandex yarn runs outward, loses elasticity, and feels softer. The lace mesh structure is much sparser than Levi’s.

Ordinary lace:

Soft and loose, with average elasticity and no three-dimensional effect. The pattern is not clear and the lace is not transparent. Basically, after one or two washes, the spandex starts to come out.

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