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Early autumn outfit special (lazy and casual literary style)

Autumn is coming, it’s time to wear new clothes. What I want to share with you today is the 2019.08 “Early Autumn 30 Days Outfit Special” of “FUDGE” magazin…

Autumn is coming, it’s time to wear new clothes. What I want to share with you today is the 2019.08 “Early Autumn 30 Days Outfit Special” of “FUDGE” magazine. The theme is “Girls in Plaid”. Little fairies who like plaid should not miss it.

“Fudge”‘s one-month unique outfit plan is created by Photographed by Tokyo Yu, I like the color tone this time the most. The infinite patterns derived from the simple plaid~ Let’s take a look at the plaid suspender skirt!

The first day▲

Orange-toned plaid , the color is very suitable for autumn, the contrasting fluorescent green will not look dull, and it is comfortable and fashionable to wear with a sweatshirt.

The next day▲

Small plaid and large The collision of plaids

The third day▲

Grid Wear a white shirt over a suspender skirt

Day 4▲

A plaid shirt as a jacket, a turtleneck bottoming shirt underneath, and khaki casual pants, which is also a very everyday outfit.

Day 5▲

A simple plaid The shirt can be used as a jacket or as a casual item.

Day 6▲

One-piece blue and green grid A skirt, a top with a shirt vest, and a silk scarf of the same color as the skirt around the neck, super artistic style.

Day 7▲

Low-key literary plaid shirt , highlighted by the interesting printed silk scarf around the neck, paired with a retro-looking denim skirt, bringing a sense of autumnal art to your face.

Day 8▲

Plaid shirt and jacket layering High collar lining.

Day 9▲

Yellow and brown plaid pants Paired with a shirt and vest, the outfit is yellow-brown, the color of autumn.

Day 10▲

Long layered sweatshirt A shirt and jeans on the lower body, a classic look worn by Uniqlo models, suitable for tall fairies.

Day 11▲

Make plaid pants longer The bottom of the skirt only exposes half of the trouser legs, which embellishes the solid color combination.

Day 12▲

Large plaid suit The trousers collide with the small plaid shirt tied around the waist, and the color is more layered.

Thirteenth Day ▲

Put it on under a long skirt Pants, a classic outfit worn by models and fashion bloggers, can be tried by long-legged celebrities.

The fourteenth day▲

Every fashionable girl A must-have plaid blazer, a classic and versatile style.

Day 15▲

Long plaid A dress, worn open as a jacket, is also a classic style of Uniqlo.

Day 16▲

Autumn and winter are the world of plaid, plaid suit trousers, plaid straight-leg trousers, plaid wide-leg trousers, plaid small-leg trousers… .One pair of various types of pants is never too much.

Day 17 ▲

Pair a sweatshirt with a plaid skirt, and socks are the highlight.

Day 18▲

Pair a long plaid shirt with khaki casual pants. Small fairies can also wear a belt around their waist to enhance their waistline.

Day 19▲

A short plaid suit paired with khaki casual pants, very retro college style A set that is fashionable and age-reducing.

Day 20▲

A must-have plaid shirt in early autumn. It can be worn open as a jacket or buttoned up and worn inside pants. There are two different styles.

Day 21▲

Checked shirt Pair it with a denim suspender skirt to look cute and ladylike.

Day 22▲

The appearance rate is very high The high plaid skirt is a must-have item in autumn and winter, and can be worn with any outfit.

Day 23▲

The plaid shirt arrives Hey, casual pants are a very everyday outfit, and many people wear them like this.

Day 24▲

Shirt and long Stacking of T-shirt dresses

Day 25▲

Wear a sweatshirt and a shirt, paired with a plaid skirt of the same color

Day 26▲

Black and white plaid cotton and linen shirt with black casual pants

Day 27▲

Long plaid coat

Day 28▲

Platform suspender skirt

Day 29▲

Pairing of plaid in adjacent colors, haze blue long-sleeved T-shirt with blue-green plaid skirt

Day 30

▲Wear the plaid dress open as a coat

Day 31▲

Simple black and white plaid shirt paired with khaki casual pants

A piece of clothing can be matched with many possibilities. FUDGE girls always have a lazy and casual artistic style, comfortable and comfortable!

If you are also a girl who loves plaid, which style is your cup of tea? Hurry up and match it up according to the demonstration!

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