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What fabric is the shirt made of (what does a good shirt look like)

In a girl’s wardrobe, shirts are definitely one of the most versatile items! The shirt is not only versatile, but can be worn all year round. It will have a good effect when worn a…

In a girl’s wardrobe, shirts are definitely one of the most versatile items! The shirt is not only versatile, but can be worn all year round. It will have a good effect when worn alone or layered. So, are you ready to update a shirt? Are you worried about not being able to choose a shirt that suits you? Come and read this article! I will share my selection experience with you, and you will basically not go wrong if you follow this guide:
01. Selection of fabrics


The fabric of the shirt directly determines the comfort of wearing it. In terms of strength and texture, common shirt fabrics include the following:

(1) Pure cotton: 100% cotton, soft and comfortable in texture, sweat-absorbent and breathable; however, pure cotton shirts are easy to wrinkle and shrink.

(2) Cotton and linen: Generally made of 75% cotton + 25% linen blended fabric, it is moisture-absorbent and breathable, antibacterial and insect-proof, and has no static electricity, so it is suitable for spring and autumn; but cotton and linen shirts It wrinkles easily and doesn’t feel good on the skin.

(3) Real silk: The main material is mulberry silk. Because it is natural silk, it is hygroscopic, breathable, skin-care effective, and has good UV resistance; however, the disadvantage of silk is that it is easy to wrinkle and get snagged.

(4) Acetate silk: A popular clothing fabric in recent years uses acetate fiber, which is the chemical synthesis of wood pulp fiber. Shirts made of acetate silk are soft, smooth and have good drape. They are also relatively shiny, colorful, non-static and non-pilling. The disadvantage is that the strength is low and the cloth is easy to tear and deform, so you should pay special attention when wearing it.

(5) Cupro ammonia silk: Cupro ammonia silk fabric is also a chemical synthesis of plant fiber. It is soft, smooth and drapey, has no static electricity and does not pill; however, this kind of fabric is easy to wrinkle and cannot be used with alkali. Washing of sexual fabrics requires higher cleaning and care requirements.

(6) Chiffon: The chiffon fabric that everyone often sees is actually polyester. Chiffon shirts are light, thin, have good wear resistance, and are not easy to wrinkle; however, this kind of fabric is easy to deform and is not suitable for wearing in summer. It will feel stuffy.

Selection suggestions: Those who pursue quality should choose silk fabrics, which have first-class texture; those who want to wear loose and smart clothes should choose poplin, which has a strong silhouette; those who are afraid of wrinkles and want cost-effectiveness should choose it Made of acetate silk, it comes in various styles and is easy to care for.
02. Judgment of workmanship

A good shirt must pay attention to the details of workmanship. Pay attention to the following three points when selecting:

(1) Thread routing

Focus on the collar and sleeves of the shirt. Good routing will be straight and evenly spaced; conversely, poor routing will appear messy.

(2) Placket

The placket is also a key point of whether a shirt is exquisite or not. A good placket craftsmanship is smooth and consistent, while a good shirt placket is smooth and smooth. If the thread spacing is too large, it will be easy to curl when worn.

(3) Hem

Look at the details of the workmanship of the hem of the shirt. The sewing process of the hem of a good shirt is smooth, while the hem of a shirt with poor workmanship will be uneven.
03. Look at the button details

A small button is the detail that best reflects the quality of a shirt.

Good shirts will use shell buttons. Only buttons made of this material can show the exquisite details and overall quality; while those cheap shirts are basically plastic buttons with no texture at all. , it also looks cheap when paired with it.
04. Selection of collar types

The collar types of girls’ shirts are relatively rich. The common ones are the following: round collar, small stand collar, green fruit collar, suit collar, and floating collar. , V-neck, doll collar and square collar:

Selection suggestions: You can choose floating collar, small stand collar, green fruit collar, suit collar and square collar for work and commuting; for daily leisure, it is recommended to choose others.
05. Selection of sleeve styles

Common sleeve styles for women’s shirts include straight shoulder sleeves, dropped shoulder sleeves, raglan sleeves, puff sleeves, bat sleeves and bell sleeves:
Selection suggestions: The selection of sleeve type should match the wearer’s body shape and the dressing scene. Generally speaking, it is better to have a slightly loose fit.

Among them, the front-shoulder fitted version is the thinnest, and can be worn alone as an inner layer; girls with short necks are recommended to choose a collar that exposes their neck; small people with narrow shoulders can try doll collar shirts. In addition, when wearing a shirt alone, you should avoid being too slim, otherwise it will look like a sell; girls with broad shoulders should not choose shirts with dropped shoulder sleeves, as loose-fitting shirts will make them look bulkier; girls with smaller stature should not choose shirts with dropped shoulder sleeves. Because loose clothing lengths will reduce our stature; shirts with pockets or decorations on the chest are not suitable for girls with fat upper bodies and large breasts, as they will amplify your body defects.
06. Color selection

Girls’ shirts are recommended to be based on basic colors. Among them, I most recommend cold white and beige. If it is business attire, choose natural white.

Among them: cool white is suitable for girls with cool white skin; off-white is more suitable for most people, but it will look a bit old; and white is the least attractive color, basically all girls can choose.

Okay, Jimei friends, after reading the above content, will you choose a shirt that suits you? Do you have any other questions? Do you have your own selection techniques? Let’s chat together in the discussion area below!

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