成功没有捷径 你做好长期奋斗的准备了吗?英语人际关系杂谈

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Many of the goals we want to achieve have already been achievedby countless numbers of other people. Follow their examples andtake the same type of steps they had to take in order to besuccessful. Each step is very much like a little success on its ownand little successes do add up. Pay your dues to steadily developtowards success rather than take detours on shortcuts that canactually set you back.



You still have to do your part of the work whether it’s workingout at the gym, building wealth, starting a new relationship orpracticing your ski turns on the bunny hill. The bottom line isthat there are no true shortcuts to real success.


Although it is wise to get proper coaching, instruction andmentoring for your goals, these are not considered shortcuts. Theyare just more efficient ways to learn the skills required forsuccess. However, time with a coach or instructor does not replacethe steps one must take in order to be successful.


Take the same steps as other successful people have done


The shortcuts they thought they could get away with resulted ina loss of success. These poor folks usually have to start all overagain from scratch in terms of learning how to ski even the bunnyhills. Their initial fears will take twice as much work to get overcompared to those who did not take shortcuts in theirlearning.


Unfortunately, some of these beginners may never put on skisagain because of their terrifying experiences. This is a real shamesince they did make the initial efforts to come out to try skiingas a way to embrace winter. If they do come back to try again,sometimes it is the following winter when they have already lossthe momentum of any progress as they have forgotten the basicskills.


They thought that they could take shortcutsand bypass the steps required. Imagine the shock when they realizethat even the easier slopes serviced by the chairlifts are waybeyond their abilities and comfort levels when they are lookingdown these larger hills compared to the relatively flat bunnyslopes.


We always tell beginners that they must be completelycomfortable in making solid turns and stops on a bunny hill beforegoing onto slopes serviced by chairlifts. This is achieved only byextra practice outside of lesson time. But some are just impatientand decide to go on the chairlifts anyway before they areproficient on the easier slopes.


If they do manage to start coming down on their own, they willusually panic, lose their focus and end up going straight down thehill with increasing speed. Of course a ‘yard sale’ (a ski phrasewhich describes a fallen skier with skis and poles ending up allover the slope) will be the result.


I’ve had to physically climb back up a slope to rescue suchnovice skiers by holding them all the way safely back down thehill. Imagine how embarrassing this must be for an adult as this ishow we usually start little three or four year-olds on the bunnyhill.


As a certified ski instructor, I’ve seen many beginners who tryto come down slopes that they are clearly not ready for. Such folkshave not reached a level where they can consistently stop and turnon their skis while even on the bunny hill yet. For some reason,these same people ventured onto steeper slopes serviced bychairlifts and they end up frozen stiff with fear at the top.


Shortcuts can result in loss of success

I’ve seen gullible people buy into the many ‘get rich quick’ or‘lose weight fast’ schemes out there only to find out that none ofthem work except in relieving you of the money paid for suchproducts or programs. A friend of mine even bought one of thosehome devices that electronically stimulate belly musclecontractions thinking that weight lost is possible while watchingTV. This friend, who did not want to put in the work of exercisingin a gym, is still overweight today.

太多人急着想要成功,So many people are in such a hurry to success that they eagerlytake any shortcuts that come across their way. In reality,shortcuts usually lead to disappointments rather than quickersuccess. The key to any long-term success is to take the necessarysteps to steadily progress rather than skip any of them. This wouldbe true whether the goals are financial or health or relationshiprelated.

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